Adrian Picard, criminal defense lawyer serving the greater Vancouver area

Being charged with a criminal offence can be one of the most stressful times in a person's life. The police and Crown counsel seem to have almost limitless resources with which to prosecute you, and a conviction might prevent you from travelling, jeopardize your job, or even alienate you from friends and family. I am dedicated to upholding your rights, and preventing these things from happening to you. I also explain every step in the criminal process, as well as any potential result, so that you understand what is happening every step of the way.

I work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome in your circumstances. No case is too small, nor too difficult or unpopular. Often, a person faced with criminal charges reacts by giving up and accepting whatever the police and prosecutors have said about him or her. You don't have to do this. There are usually many ways to approach your problem and I work to help find the best one for you.


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